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👍 Save your time - 10l/7kg Gravity feeder needs refill only once a week for 15 chickens/little turkeys, ducklings, quails, doves, wild birds;


It works for hens also but as they get too easily on the feed, might do some waste, compared with product designed for hens, HERE.


👍 Perfect for little chickens - Feed and water is always clean, reducing the spread of diseases;

👍 Water drinker - Float regulator keeps water available to your chickens automatically. It's best for little chickens as water is available with no action from their side. Also, the cup's size does not allow chicks to enter the water and get wet.


The set includes (1) 7 kg Quail Feeder with 6 feeding ports, (1) 10l Water Drinker with 2 Floating Cups;

Quail Feeder 10l/7kg (6 feeding ports) + 10l Water Drinker with 2 floati