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😻 The feeder supplies around 5 kg of dry feed, enough for several days depending on how many cats you have. No need to shake or any human intervention. Due to the gravity and weight of the feed, the feeder's bottom is constantly refilled;

😺 No rain in the feeder; Best cat feeder for outdoor;

🐭 Overnight protection with feeding port cover;

😻 Slow feeding feature of this feeder will  prevent your cat from binge eating and throwing up afterwards;

🙀 The cat feeder do not have any mechanical/electrical component which might break in your absence, letting the cats without feed when you less expect;


🐶10l Automatic water drinker will provide fresh water for cats but will also be preferred by dogs. 

Easy to handle and cleanup;


Self-Serve Cat Feeder 10l + Automatic Water drinker 10l

  • Use it only with dry feed!
    The feeder do not work for dogs;
    Read the recommendations which come with the product for the best results!