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👍 Water drinker 18 l with Gravity cups (NEW on the market) - The smart system allows the cup to rise when it gets empty, thus enabling more water to pour in, lowering it again; Great for +30 °C summers - The largest cups on the market, allowing hens to dip wattles in;

👍 For 20 hens, the feeder needs refill only once a week; The feeder is thin and tall just to take up little space but at the same time provides high capacity; The feeding port is customized and reduced internally to not allow little chickens, wild birds to get into the feeder;

👍 Having clean/fresh feed available all day long, hens eat when needed. Each feeding port is enough for 5-6 chickens/hens;

👍 Rain proof chicken feeder; The food is always clean and dry no matter of weather; 

👍 Both, Feeder and Water Drinker are robust products; The ergonomic handle provides enhanced mobility and comfort when handling the feeder/drinker; The Feeder/Drinker's wide opening allows easy cleanup maintenance.


🐥 The set does include (1) 20l Feeder,  (1) 18l Water Drinker

Chicken Feeder 20l/14kg (4 feed ports) + Water drinker 18l with 2 gravity cups