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🐤 Safe for little chickens - The feeding port is customized and reduced internally just to not allow little chickens to get into the feeder and then found them sufocated.

👍 Save your time - 10l/7kg Gravity feeder needs refill only once a week for 10 hens/chickens/little turkeys;

👍 No waste feeder - The feeding port configuration does not allow wasteful hens to throw out the grains. With the feeder hanged and no feed on the ground, rats are discouraged to stay around the chicken coop;

👍 For areas with a heavy rat infestation, for extra protection, we provide 2 feeding port covers to be used overnight.

👍 Perfect for little chickens - Feed and water is always clean, reducing the spread of diseases;

👍 Water drinker - The smart system allows the cup to rise when it gets empty, thus enabling more water to pour in, lowering it again; Great for +30 °C summers - The largest cups on the market, allowing hens to dip wattles in; It's best for little chickens as water is available with no action from their side. 


The set includes (1) 7 kg Chicken Feeder, (1) 10l Water Drinker with 2 gravity Cups;

The metal hooks are optional and sold separately. You may found HERE.

Chicken Feeder 10l/7kg+ 10l Water Drinker with 2 gravity cups