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👍 Best for the winter season. The water stays closed in a plastic container and is released only when hens push the steel, so it hardly freezes during the day. On cold nights might be used with a plate/submersible heater or just moved into a protected space.

👍 10l Water drinker with 4 horizontal nipples provides always fresh/clean water for hens. The horizontal nipple will release water only if the steel rod is triggered by the flocks.

👍 For 25 hens, the feeder needs refill once a week; The feeder is thin and tall just to take up little space but at the same time providing high capacity;

👍 The feeding port is customized and reduced internally just to not allow little chickens, birds and rats to get into the feeder;

👍  Each feeding port is enough for 5-6 chickens/hens.


🐥 The set does include (1) 25l Feeder,  (1) 10l Water Drinker;



Chicken Feeder 17kg (5 feed ports) +Water drinker 10l with 4 horizontal nipples

56,00 €Price
  • 🐥 Do not install the feeder around little chickens (less than 2 weeks old);
    🐥 It works only for common breed hens, with normal head. For special birds check UpToDate Automatic Duck/Goose Feeder;
    🐥 Water drinker with nipples works better for hens rather than chicks. For chicks below 3 weeks old we recommend water cups.