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👍 UpToDate Duck/Goose Feeder designed for large size poultry like geese, and ducks  starting with 2-3 weeks old and up. It might be used by turkeys also; If you decide to use it for hens keep in mind that will do some mess compared with "0 waste" Chicken feeder.

👍 For 15 ducks needs refill once a week; As feed it's all day long available, each feeding port is enough to feed properly 5 ducks;

👍 Rainproof feeder - The food is always clean and dry no matter of weather; No more poo, dirt in your feeder;

👍 It works with any kind of poultry feed: pellets, dried mealworms, mixed corn, poultry grain. For ducks and geese works best with grains by placing the feeder a few feet away from their water so it doesn't get waterlogged;

👍 Robust product; Easily handled. Strong design. No mechanical/ electrical component that could easily break in your absence, letting poultry without feed when you expect less;


Automatic, No waste, No Rain Duck/Goose Feeder 20l with 3 feeding ports

36,00 €Price