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👍 Save your time- 20l/14kg Gravity feeder needs to be refilled only once a week for almost 20 hens;
👍 Having fresh/clean feed available all day long, hens are not eating all at the same time. 4 feeder ports are enough for 20 hens.
👍 Save money by preventing feed waste - Feeding port configuration does not allow wasteful hens to throw out the grains. As no feed on the ground, rats are discouraged to stay around the chicken coop;

👍 For regions with a heavy rat infestation, we provide as extra protection, feeding port covers to be used overnight.
👍 Easily handled. No mechanical/ electrical component that could easily break in your absence, letting chickens without feed when you expect less;

Automatic Gravity 20l/14kg Chicken feeder (4 feeding ports)

  • đŸ€ We do recommend for chickens starting with 2-3 weeks old, hens and little turkeys.
    đŸ€ The feeder works only for common breed hens, with a normal head. For special birds check UpToDate Automatic Duck/Goose Feeder.