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Pros And Cons Of Automatic Chicken Feeders

Automatic chicken feeders offer several huge benefits over traditional feeders; firstly they help reduce waste and secondly, they keep the feed fresh for longer.

After reading this article you will know all there is to know about automatic chicken feeders so you can make sure you get the right one for your flock.

  • The classic model is perfect for little chickens up to 2-3 weeks old. Little chickens sleep altogether and eat all at the same time, so having many feeding spaces, easily accessible it's a must for this age group.

  • Disadvantages: It will need to be shaken from time to time as the feed might block letting chickens without feed; The feed is not always clean and get moistened; Not for outdoor;


Chicken pedal feeder design it should prevent rat and wild bird's access. Some disadvantage we did notice using this feeder:

  1. When hens use the pedal, the metal opening system can produce a scary noise and frighten the chickens. Some of them will never use it.

  2. As the hens succeed to do some waste, the feed will go under the pedal and never can be picked up by another hen. Will remain there to attract rats and wild birds.


Automatic DIY Feeder ports

Those feeder ports give the buyer the chance to self install on any container. Prevent rain/chicken poop in the feed and offer a high capacity.

Those feeder ports do not have 90 degree curve so, the wasteful hens succeed to do a lot of mess.

If you have in plan to go in a vacation, do not count on them. Hens might spill out the feed for rats and wild birds in the first 3 days and remain without feed the next ones.


UpToDate Farmer Chicken Feeder

Having the feeder port in 90 degree curve and highly internally reduced, the wasteful hens have difficulty to spill out the feed. If still succeed to do some limited waste, this will be less enough to be picked up by a lazy rooster.

Having the feeding ports installed at right distances, the feeder never need to be shaken in order to supply fresh feed to the hens.

Rain proof chicken feeder - perfect for outdoor usage;

You can count on this feeder if you plan any holiday. The hens will have a permanent source of fresh and clean feed without any human intervention;

Disadvantages: Being a handmade feeder, the price might go high;




UpToDate Farmer

Self-Serve feeders. The next generation of feeders for farms!

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