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How it started

It was 2019 when our yard was full of chickens and ducks, and we also planned to go on a one-week vacation. We have good neighbours, but I was afraid they won’t have enough time to constantly come to assure water/feed to our folks. So, I created my first DYI bucket feeder, and we enjoyed nice days of vacation in Danube Delta.

On return, we found all as expected without any incident. But after one week, when the bucket was half full, I found in the bucket a chicken almost suffocated. I saved him but was very disappointed at that time. As I couldn’t give up my automatic feeder which proved me far more waste and no constantly visits to my chicks, I decided to look for a way to have all desired features in my FEEDER. And most important of all was to have a feeder safe for my chickens.

This was the point when UpToDate Farmer was born. The perfect feeder formula couldn’t stay only in my yard.

Thank you to all of you, our customers, who encourage us with nice words and give us the straight to continue.. Our small family business will grow with you and because of you!



UpToDate Farmer

Self-Serve feeders. The next generation of feeders for farms!

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