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A chicken coop with great autonomy

...or how to raise hens spending only 20 minutes at the end of the week...

I love hens but not so much that to spend more time with them than with my little ones.

So, the idea of ​​a coop with autonomy to give me back my free time took shape more and more and this spring it was his turn.

With the new chicken coop I checked:

  • Easy and quick cleaning, maximum 20 minutes every 2 weeks

  • I supplement the feed and water once/week;

  • There is no more feed waste;

  • The eggs are perfectly clean and easy to collect by my 3 and a half year old;

  • Having the chicken coop on stilts, rats have difficulties making a home house under the coop. Instead, the place became a perfect shade area for hens in the summertime.

  • Since the coop does not have to be entered to clean it, collect eggs or refill the feed, the coop does not have to be at human height. Due to the lower height, heat is retained much better in winter (the heat always goes to the upper part where the hens stay climbed-physical laws). Since hens do not suffer from frosty nights, we have eggs without a power source even in winter.

Sanitation. The bottom part is provided with drawers where the chicken poop is collected. I designed the drawers as light as possible so that they can be easily handled by a woman. The chickens move around and sit on wooden sticks so that there is no direct contact with moisture and dirt, the risk of getting sick decreases considerably.

The system is very effective considering that the hens love to climb on the sticks. Always when they have a choice between a straight plane and a stick, they will prefer the latter.

The feed is provided by UpToDate feeders and drinkers. Internally, where space is limited I used a smaller feeder and drinker. The big ones are used for outside.

Adequate lighting and ventilation using the system door in door as you may see in below pictures.

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