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Chicken water during the winter

We are living in a cold climate, having frozen nights during the winter is common. As we do not have electricity around chicken coop, we have to adapt to a different solution.

The best chicken/hens drinker is the nipple one. Water will stay closed in a container and will hardly freeze during the day. Water will be released only when hens push the nipple.

On cold nights with temperatures below -1 degree, will move the water drinker to the chicken coop or in the greenhouse.

In the morning, we also add some warm water to the water for our free-range girls.

For those who have an electricity source around, the water drinker can be used with one heater plate or submersible heater to prevent water from freezing during the night.

Some more advantages of water nipples:

- always clean water, uncontaminated by wild birds and rats;

- when ducks and chickens are raised together, hens will always have a source of clean water. Ducks cannot use nipples;

- 10l water drinker is easy to manipulate and move anywhere you need;

- easy cleaning up operations due to wide opening;

- long use for water nipples, water nipples are hardly damaged;


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